About Us

Shenzhen zhizao brand management Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, is a collection of watch design, production and integrated marketing services business, the company brand PALADA.

Improve the company's quality management system and improve the sales channel network has been all over the world. Our quoted South Korea, Japan advanced production technology and equipment, with a dust-free assembly workshop, water testing workshop, quality performance testing workshop.

Specializing in the production series leisure quartz watch, high-quality series of water table, advanced diving watch mainly fine watches, but from a different space full search of the world's most advanced design concepts and tabulation process, has introduced a style elegant, stylish classic works.

Innovation is the development of Jiameng, the company always give top priority to product quality, in terms of quality management and advanced world standards, the company also has been determined to make progress in the research and development team, they have to build each one works are the soul and craft fit, temperament elegant, slim lines and smooth, refined sophisticated technology, give the wearer an elegant and romantic cultural taste, comfort and considerate noble feelings.

Innovative technology to make our products have a strong market competitiveness. And its superior quality, attractive appearance, superb technology and by the vast number of consumers of all ages. In order to bring the public with a clear, confidence, taste and brand image.

Company to "excellence" for the entrepreneurial spirit, adhere to quality, service-oriented, reasonable price business philosophy, and constantly open up the development of commemorative watches, advertising watches, gift watches, watch movements and various new models to meet the needs of the community demand, and for the anniversary celebration, meeting souvenir, promotional products customized gifts, commemorative watch.